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Cervical screening to identify gynaecological issues and detect any abnormalities that may lead to cervical cancer.

Cervical Smears

Routine and recommended cervical screening services.


Although similar to a hysterectomy, a myomectomy is defined by its focus on the removal of just the fibroid growths, and not the reproductive organs as a whole. 


Investigative procedures to identify the cause of abdominal or pelvic pain.

Specialist care for women Advanced gynaecological treatments conducted with professionalism and sensitivity. Appointment Read more

The Best Possible Care


Medical expertise

Investigative procedures

An innovative approach to surgery

Diagnosis and treatment of multiple gynaecological conditions

Comprehensive treatment plans

Oncology specialist

Non-surgical solutions and advice

Committed to quality

Extensive knowledge of pre and post-menopausal concerns


    Why Choose Mr Francis Gardner?

    Every patient who visits our clinic will be treated as an individual, and we will maintain privacy and dignity at all times.


    We understand that gynaecological conditions can be embarrassing or difficult to talk about, which is why we pledge to offer all advice and treatment professionally and sensitively.

    Professional Service

    Mr Gardner’s extensive knowledge of gynaecology ensures that each patient he treats can be confident that they are in safe hands.


    Mr Gardner oversees all treatments and makes it his mission to guide each patient through every step of their journey, from initial consultation to post-treatment aftercare advice.

    Caring Team

    Our team are all cut from the same cloth: they are caring, kind and compassionate, willing to do whatever it takes to help you achieve your outcomes.

    Mr. Francis Gardner

    Since 1992, Mr Francis Gardner has dedicated himself to the diagnosis and treatment of numerous gynaecological conditions and is widely considered to be one of the foremost experts in the important medical field of gynaecology. 

    Dual accredited by the General Medical Council (GMC), Mr Gardner’s ceaseless commitment to providing the best care possible has been recognised by patients, colleagues, and governing bodies from all across the world. 

    He is notable for his focus on screening for all forms of gynaecological cancer, the identification of abnormalities or malignancies in any area of the female reproductive system and his pioneering surgical techniques. 

    In-clinic appointments

    Thorough, Doctor-led consultations

    Guidance through every step of your treatment journey

    Follow-ups recommended

    Patients of all ages treated

    Special interest in oncology

    Multi-award winner

    Working hours

    Our working hours are as follows:


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