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Infertility Primary Investigation

DURATION: This is dependent on the procedure, although most tests can be completed in under 10 minutes. 

ANAESTHESIA/PAIN RELIEF: None for most procedures; general anaesthetic for a diagnostic laparoscopy.

RECOVERY TIME: None for most procedures; up to a week for a diagnostic laparoscopy.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: None for most procedures, further information will be given to those undergoing a diagnostic laparoscopy. 

SUITABLE FOR: Patients struggling to conceive. 

The prospect of becoming a parent is something that is close to most of our hearts, so it can be upsetting and frustrating when falling pregnant seems like an impossibility. In general terms, couples can be said to be having difficulty conceiving after around a year of actively trying for a baby. And there could be a number of reasons for this, ranging from those that are more innocuous to chronic underlying health conditions that can have a serious impact on your fertility.

Mr Francis Gardner provides all of his patients with a comprehensive primary investigation for infertility service, which features a series of examinations and tests to determine the cause of your struggle to conceive. 

What do these investigations involve?

During your consultation, Mr Gardner will ask you a series of questions pertaining to your medical and sexual history. The aim here is not to make you feel embarrassed or ill at ease, but to try and identify any potential causes for your possible infertility. These questions will be centred around your lifestyle, sexual activity, any gynaecological symptoms you’ve experienced and how long you’ve been trying to conceive. From here, a number of investigative options will be offered to you. 

These can involve, but may not be limited to: 

  • A pelvic examination to identify anything that may be affecting your ability to conceive. There is a chance that ovarian cysts, fibroids or conditions such as endometriosis can be picked up here.
  • Blood tests may be taken to check your general well being, hormone profile and whether or not you are ovulating and these will need to be scheduled at particular times during your menstrual cycle. Ovulation is essential to conception.
  • Ultrasound Scans and other imaging may be used to identify problems in your reproductive systems. These can often highlight blockages in your fallopian tubes and diagnose conditions such as fibroids, polyps on the lining of the womb, ovarian cysts and potentially endometriosis. 
  • A diagnostic laparoscopy will allow the abdominal and pelvic organs to be viewed in greater detail. This is a procedure in which your ovaries, fallopian tubes and womb can be explored in depth and can be crucial in revealing any irregularities that may be inhibiting your ability to get pregnant. 

A gynaecology expert 

As founder of Advanced Gynaecology, Mr Francis Gardner has dedicated his career to diagnosing and treating a wide range of gynaecological conditions. His knowledge and expertise in this area are unsurpassed and his friendly and professional approach to sensitive issues is recognised by all of his patients. To book in for your primary investigation for fertility, contact Mr Gardner today.


Yes. This will make it easier to identify the cause of your inability to conceive and may make the journey to fertility much quicker and easier.

It is quite rare to identify a cause for infertility which is harmful to general health. While working in a Cancer Centre there are one or two cases per year of women being identified with cancer who were having investigation for infertility. You can be reassured most ovarian cysts, fibroids and polyps identified during fertility investigation are benign. 


Infection with organisms such as Chlamydia may be associated with infertility and may, if left untreated, cause serious illness.  

Conditions which cause hormone imbalance such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) may be associated with infertility. Such conditions can have adverse effects on long term health as they are associated with increased incidence of obesity, diabetes and endometrial cancer. If a condition such as PCOS is diagnosed then counselling and advice will be given to minimise the adverse effects of these conditions. 

Even if your infertility is caused by an underlying health condition such as endometriosis, or adenomyosis advice and treatment options will be given to help manage this. 

Mr Gardner offers surgical treatment for fertility problems including treatment of endometriosis, fibroids, polyps and scarred or blocked fallopian tubes. If IVF treatment is required he has established referral pathways to fertility centres providing these services.